Sarah was the teenage daughter of Joel. She was killed by a soldier of the U.S. Armed Forces during the Cordyceps Outbreak. 


The Last of UsEdit

Sarah first appeared in A SOMBER START, where she gave her father a watch as his birthday gift. After falling asleep, she is taken up to her bedroom by Joel, and onto her bed. She wakes up later, wandering the house to find her dad. She eventually finds him after he barged in through a sliding door, her becoming worried as her father panics and collects a firearm. He says that something is wrong with the Coopers before an Infected breaks in, being shot by Joel. Sarah is shocked by her father suddenly killing somebody, but she is taken outside to escape with Tommy. They drive through the city, seeing the chaos the outbreak has caused. They encounter a road block, before being attacked by a zombie. 


  • She claimed that she was a drug dealer when giving the watch to Joel. However, this was likely a joke. 

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