The timeline of the Markiplier universe. A timeline can be created by noting when the game takes place, carefully reading ingame documents, finding posters/other objects that show dates, listening to character dialogue, or straight from Mark's mouth. If all else fails, the date of the video is acceptable. 

7th Century Edit

  • 603: Gerald begins ruling over a kingdom
  • 608: Gerald's kingdom is ransacked, Gerald dying and the court falling apart. 
  • 609: King Harry takes Gerald's place. 
  • 612: Harry, during his first three years of reign, plays a game of dice with Guybrush. He ends up betting the kingdom's treasure, and is killed by the new oligarchy ruling the kingdim. 

20th Century Edit

  • April 3rd, 1989: Hotline Miami begins. 

21st CenturyEdit

26th CenturyEdit

  • 2508: Dead Space takes place. 


  • The Sims 4 probably takes place before Surgeon Simulator, as Mark mentions that he hasn't been to medical school in The Sims 4. [1]

References Edit


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